October 6th, 2006

chiang 2


I keep forgetting to post this.

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area (especially the East Bay) and you're interested in meeting other gamers and trying out different games, with an emphasis on short-form, low-commitment play, you might want to check out troupe_berkeley.

Here's our statement of purpose.

Here's our Google group, which can be accessed either online or as a mailing list.

So far the group has been used to organize games of Burning Wheel (Jihad), Primetime Adventures, The Mountain Witch, Polaris, Dogs in the Vineyard, and My Life with Master. Although there's an obvious tilt toward new, indie, and specifically "Forge"-influenced designs, I'm hoping the group can be a useful resource for anyone who'd like to try out stuff that's new to them--even if it's an old game from 1985 that they just never got a chance to play. I also hope it can help gamers meet other gamers face-to-face and develop actual friendships that, IMO, greatly enhance the enjoyment of RPGs (and for that matter, life).

Also, thanks again to Clinton R. Nixon for setting up FindPlay, through which I located the first few gamers in the group.