ewilen (ewilen) wrote,

Looking for players for a campaign--specific and general issues

In other words, yes, I'm looking for players for some gaming in April & May, on Tuesday evenings at Endgame in Oakland, California.

Further Details: Look here.

More generally, if you're looking for players, what do you do? Is the actual, physical bulletin board a good idea?

So far, I've posted on the Endgame forums (above), Nearby Gamers, RPGnet, PenAndPaperGames, and a local Google group that I'd set up a few years ago.

All of these are ways to advertise a campaign in need of players, and strike me as somewhat more useful than either RPGGeek or Access Denied. As far as I can tell, those only let you find people, and I'm not interested in contacting people out of the blue.

I'm going to keep going down the list of player finders at RPGnet and Treasure Tables to see if any others look useful. If they are, I'll edit them into this list.

Update: ENWorld's Gamers Seeking Gamers forum appears to be useful. There's also an interactive map-based system but it only functions at all if you've already logged into the forum.

Update: RPGGameFind is set up well.

Update: Dragonfoot's Looking for Games/Gamers forum seems useful.

Is there a Twitter or Facebook channel for this?
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